Welcome to Musikhaus W. Heuer
Established in 1955, Musikhaus W. Heuer has grown into a respected musical instrument supplier. You can find everything from Bösendorfer, Yamaha, Feurich, Roland and Kawai pianos to Marshall, Vox and Sennheiser sound equipment. For guitarist we have Yamaha, Fender, Cort and Ibanez guitars and for saxophonists we have Antigua and Yamaha wind and brass instruments. Musikhaus W. Heuer also has a piano repair workshop, a music school, live venue and on-site recording facilities. We also supply wind instruments to Military bands/Military Orchestras throughout Africa. All your musical needs under one roof.

You can find us in the beautiful town of Stellenbosch, just outside Cape Town, Western Cape.

We do worldwide deliveries!

Prices subject to change.

info@wheuer.co.za | 69-71 Bird Street | Stellenbosch | South Africa
021 887 2938 | 021 887 4075
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