NUX DM-3 is a dedicated electronic drum set designed for drummers, equipped with 361 types of built-in General Midi sound library. Simple interface and customizable sound library give you the most authentic and realistic drum sounds. Featuring velocity-sensitive trigger, cymbals, and double drum pad trigger with a blasting response, DM-3 offers real-time recording function, customizable effects and much more to express yourself more effectively.

• Built-in 361 types of General Midi sound library, restore the true drum modules
• make real efforts to respond to expressive richer
• Easy installation and space-saving, secure stent can prevent crosstalk
• Support for custom sound library editor, Jane operating system
• USB port supports USB flash disk audio players and USB-MIDI.

NUX: DA30 Amplifier
NUX DA-30 is designed for portable electronic drum monitoring.The speaker responses to the drum’s frequency very well, also low frequency band is adjustable. DA-30’s TSAC technology offers a richer sound quality than similar products to make musicians “feel” more adapted into the different scenes and sounds. DA30 is also compatibale with any electronic keyboard, digital piano or synthesizer. It has 2 inputs with independent volume control, it can be useful for 2 musicians to share monitoring in the studio or just playing at home.
Medeli: DD522
DD522 is designed with the perspective of drummer in mind. The new dual zone drum pad is carefully crafted to ensure great playability. The multi-position detection hi-hat pedal allows the open hi hat to transform seamlessly into a close hi hat just like a real drum set.

The backlit LCD makes it easy for drummers to control the parameters. And finally the position of pads could be changed to cater the need of left-handed drummers so they could also enjoy playing without the problem of hands positioning.
Medeli: DD518DX
Premium drum, powerful kit
DD518DX is a state-of-the-art performing drum set. The snare, the toms and the bass drum all feature the mesh head, providing the perfect vibration on the drum pads, and offering the touch that every drummer searches for. The industrial hardware rack is designed with a chrome finishing, giving an aura of sophistication and durability.

DD518DX module features a new sound library, with upgraded parameters to provide more authentic sound and wide range of sound in different music genres. Thanks to its massive album of user kits, you are free to build a favorite one. Songs and drum beats could be easily recorded on its 7-track quick recorder and it could be saved directly to a SD card.

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