Percussion School
Percussion Other
Studio 49: Series 1600 upwards:
Soprano Xylophone diatonic
Alto Xylophone diatonic
Bass Xylophone diatonic
Chromatic sections for above.

Soprano Metallophone diatonic
Alto Metallophone diatonic
Bass Metallophone diatonic
Chromatic sections for above

Soprano Glockenspiel diatonic
Alto Glockenspiel diatonic
Chromatic sections for above

Individual Bass resonator bars
Mallets for various bar instruments
Tambours with natural skin or plastic heads 25cm – 40cm
Tambourines with natural skin or plastic heads 25cm – 40cm
Sleighbell spray SK, 10 sleigh bells
Bell spray GK, 5 different sized bell
Finger cymbals
Cymbals (pair) 12cm Ø – 25cm Ø
Wood blocks from small to large
Wooden Agogo
Tubular woodblocks
Claves (pair)
Wang and Dadi School percussion also supplied
Djembe : Toca and Mason.
Various sizes. From 7” to 14” - wood, synthetic bodies.
Darbuka - Istanbul
Bongos: Pearl and Toca
Congo sets: Pearl and Toca.
Wood or fibreglass.
Cajon : Myne – locally manufactured
Stompbox : Myne
Bodhran and frame (hand) drums
Wind chimes : 24 - 32 bars
Rain sticks (Bamboo)
Small percussion instruments
Drum sticks, brushes and mallets
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