YAMAHA: Model M1
Walnut Gloss finish
Circa 1972
Renner action
Japanese Quality
R35 000.00
RIPPEN: Model 105
Made in Berlin
Walnut Gloss finish
Made in Ede-Holland
Circa 1971
Renner action

R18 500.00
SAMICK: Model SU118 CT
Walnut satin finish
Serial nr: 4802
Made in Seoul

R38 000.00 with cabinet as is
R41 000.00 with re-polished cabinet
Walnut Gloss finish
Made in Seoul
Circa 1987
Height 111cm
Very Stylish

R42 000.00
CARL ECKE: Concert model
Walnut satin finish
Serial nr: 23754
Made in Dresden


SCHIEDMAYER: Concert model Antique
Concert Model
Walnut satin finish
Height: 130cm
Serial nr: 36756
Made in Stuttgart
Beautiful Antique

R56 000.00

ED SEILER: Concert model
Concert model
Walnut satin finish
Height: 135cm
Serial nr: 53696
Made in Liegnitz
Masterpiece with stunning sound

R59 000.00
DOHERTY & CO: Harmonium
Circa 1900
In playable condition
To be renovated

WENDLE & LUNG: Model 115
Burgundy satin finish
Circa +-2008
Made in Austria
Excellent quality and like new

IBACH: Model 105
Light walnut finish
Circa +- between 1960 – 1961
Made in Germany
Rich sound and mellow tone

Prices subject to change.

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