RIPPEN: Model 105
Made in Berlin
Walnut Gloss finish
Made in Ede-Holland
Circa 1971
Renner action

R22 500.00
SAMICK: Model SU118 CT
Walnut satin finish
Serial nr: 4802
Made in Seoul

R38 000.00 with cabinet as is
R41 000.00 with re-polished cabinet
CARL ECKE: Concert model
Walnut satin finish
Serial nr: 23754
Made in Dresden

R50 000.00

SCHIEDMAYER: Concert model Antique
Walnut satin finish
Height: 130cm
Serial nr: 36756
Made in Stuttgart

R56 000.00

ED SEILER: Concert model
Walnut satin finish
Height: 135cm
Serial nr: 53696
Made in Liegnitz

R59 000.00
DOHERTY & CO: Harmonium
Circa 1900
In playable condition
To be renovated

WELMAR: Model 118
Made in Berlin
Beautiful upright piano in mahogany satin finish.
Made in London Circa ±1949
Height 118 cm
Original Ivory keys

RöNISCH: Concert Model
Burr Walnut satin finish
Made in Dresden
Circa 1920
Height 130cm


Made in Berlin
Antique Ernst Wittig piano
Built circa 1902
Well preserved Burr walnut satin finish
Height 145cm

This is a private sale. Piano not on our premises.
Location: Heidelberg (Cape)


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